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i11 Vlog!

For this assignment I did a videogame vlog with my younger cousin. We played fortnite duos and got as many victories as we could. We couldn’t be together because of the quarantine so we played together online. I was able to post a clip to youtube directly from my playstation. I did a facecam video as well, but my phone didn’t have enough storage to upload to youtube. I tried for hours but couldn’t get it to work 😦

  1. My goal with my video was to have fun with my little cousin.
  2. Yes, we accomplished it. We got back to back wins with 10+ kills (which is actually pretty good).
  3. I would make sure I had the right equipment to upload the gameplay so I could share it.
  4. I can’t guarantee it but there’s a possibility.
  5. My favorite youtuber is Nelk, they are a small group that uploads the funniest pranks on youtube.
  6. The part of their work that appeals to me is the dark side of their content. They always break Youtube’s guidelines and get their videos demonetized. They care about bringing their fans the best content out there.
  7. I guess the number one lesson I can learn from them is if I’m true to who I am, people will enjoy watching me more.
  8. Authenticity is being honest to yourself and others.
  9. Performance is the act of doing some form of entertainment.
  10. Authenticity and performance can coexist because I believe performance is a measurement of how well you do what you do. Being true to yourself is something you come to terms with within.
  11. I believe she being authentic in both videos. Although, she is definitely more comfortable in the second video because she is in her house instead of being in front of an audience. Her tone is a lot more casual in the video during quarantine.

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