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i12 Visual Art Gallery

For this activity, I used fortnite as a platform to find different pieces of art to present. Gamers can create worlds and set up game modes for other users to use. It was originally created as a battle royale, but it evolved into a platform where you can build your own game within the game. The reoccurring themes in these three worlds is the wild imagination that these kids have to create these worlds.

This world was created by gingerjay91, a kid that creates different worlds for the fun of it. This was my favorite piece of his, because he incorporated beautiful colors into it. This world is used for a game where you push the sphere into the competing teams castle.

This world was created by my friend Alex, who I met online on a squad fill match. He created this world to serve as a place where gamers could 1v1 against each other. Players set up worlds for this purpose all the time but Alex’s is the most creative. The thing I like the most about it is the purple nebula effect he put into this along with the design of the weapon spawns.

This world was created by icifyed, who recently went viral because of it. The world is a death run challenge where gamers can race against each other while running over obstacles. When you go through this one, it teleports you to a totally different world as a second part so other users can catch up. The detail that went in to this one is very commendable, he even set up checkpoints in between so you won’t have to start from the beginning.

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