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Artist Conversation #4: Mahsa Soroudi

Artist: Mahsa Soroudi

Exhibition: Nature’s Cadence

Media: Mixed Media



Mahsa Soroudi is an Iranian Artist/Curator who resides in Southern California. She was born and raised in Tehran, the capital of Iran. She left Tehran with her husband a week after getting married. From there she went to Malaysia, where she learned English. Then she came to the East Coast of the United States and lived there for half a year. Then she settled here in Southern California.

Her art demonstrated above is Nature’s Cadence. Mahsa has a small collection of plants that she tends to. She keeps them in her back patio. I didn’t get a clear look at how many she had from the video, but I counted about 3 big individual plants and one large container with about 16 small plants.

The message she tells us with these plants is that how beautiful as they are, you don’t know what’s going on under all the soil with all the roots. She feels as she can relate to it because in the past she was “still” as a plant stands in its early stages in life. Over the years she has “grown her roots” and developed a feeling for home.

I feel like her art gives us great insight to her story. I’m not an immigrant so I don’t know the troubles she has gone through to adapt to her life now, but comparing it to a plant growing still, then branching out in its own beautiful way is a great way to demonstrate how far she’s come.

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