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The internet is a very vast ocean. You know how only 5% of the world’s oceans have been discovered? The internet is just the same way. The internet is a place where you can buy a toy for your kid, or buy a stolen credit card (from the black web). Internet culture is very unpredictable as well. A video of you doing something cute or funny can surface the internet and turn you into a star. Or on the other hand, a video of you doing something terrible can surface the internet and turn you into one of the most hated people in the country or even the world.

I feel like copyright is very balanced as it is. An artist should be able to determine how his work can be used when it comes to other artists using it for inspiration.

I’ve chosen the public domain copyright because it allows other people to use it more for their own work. I wouldn’t want for my work to be locked for other people not to access.

The first thing I did for my remix piece was go through all my peers websites. Then I chose 8 graffiti art pieces of theirs and made a collage of them. I picked the ones that I liked personally. This activity was great because I had to go through all my peer’s websites, which I had not yet done. I learned a lot about my classmates from this activity.

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