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Romantic Pop Song

I never would’ve thought
That I’d sit here in distraught
Wondering what I did wrong
To push you away

I tried to give my all
But you got to understand
I can’t express my feelings
So I’ll type them with my hands

You are my daily dose of happiness
We could never be bored
I still think to this day
Of the experiences we had in store
No matter what’s coming
I want you to know
I’ll eventually move on
But I’ll never let you go

In my song, I was trying to think about the fun parts of my past relationships and my problems that led to ending a relationship.

What was your process for writing your song?
My process for writing my song was
a. listen to some artists to put a melody in my head
b. put together ideas for the direction of my song
c. write down a paragraph of my thoughts
d. split them up into 4 sections

Was it easy? Hard? What you expected? Surprising?
Writing the song was easy. The hard part for me was putting together ideas and distinguishing the direction of the song.

How successful do you think your song is?
I believe my song is successful because it sends the clear message to the reader of what I feel for that person.

Do you think you will ever write another song?
I enjoy listening to music. I am the biggest music enthusiast out of all my friends. Although, writing music isn’t really my thing, so I’ll say maybe.

If you did write another song, what do you think it might be about?
If I did write another song, It’d be about a love that made me feel a way I’ve never felt before.

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