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Sustainable Art

For this activity, I couldn’t find any materials in my home so I went for a walk and took some from my neighbors(they don’t have to know). I found leaves and stones so I took one stone and a couple leaves and tried to make something of it.

First thing I noticed was how dirty the stone was, so I went and cleaned the stone. Afterwards it looked so shiny I could see my own reflection on the stone. If you look closely at the picture I captured you will see what I am talking about. In some ways, that stone can relate to everyday human beings. Glistening at first, but because of a harsh environment, start to feel beaten up and lusterless. Then after all that, brought back to life by a certain individual.

  • How long should a kiss last?
    I believe a kiss should last however long the people engaging in the kiss feel the passion for it.
  • How long should a great meal last?
    A great meal should last 10-15 minutes, any longer and it’ll get cold!
  • How long should a work of art last?
    A work of art can last however long the artist intends it to. Chefs treat their work like it’s art even though it will be chewed up by someone 30 minutes later.
  • How long should a marriage last?
    A marriage should last as long as the couple in it feel happy with each other.
  • How long should a human life last?
    A human life should last forever, too bad life doesn’t work that way though
  • Does the fact that some things, like ephemeral artworks and human lives, have a finite time and then are gone make a difference in the way we experience them?
    I believe so. If we know that one day we won’t be able to have that experience again, it will only make us value that moment more.
  • Should other things, like clean water, air, and land be sustainable and long lasting?
    Things like clean water, air, and land should be sustainable and long lasting so future generations can have a good life.
  • Can one person, like you, make a difference in a global problem like Climate Change?
    It takes a whole world of individuals to make a difference in global issues. It all starts with yourself though. You can’t control how others will live, you can only do your best to correct those that you can.

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